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Ray Romero » EA - Spanish Teacher

EA - Spanish Teacher

Hola a todos!!
My name is Ray Romero and I am from Colombia. I came here two years ago and it is been amazing. I have had the opportunity to interact with students and teach them Spanish and many interesting things about Hispanic Culture. 
My goal in EA - Spanish is for everyone to learn basic concepts about a foreign language (Spanish) understand and answer simple questions in order to go a little bit deeper into a different culture through the Spanish language. This enables students to develop a positive attitude towards others and their cultural differences. 
Students will be encouraged to have fun and enjoy every single activity to learn about this multicultural world in which we are involved. They will be exposure to the Spanish language and they will have the opportunity to interact in a basic way on that language.
Please feel free to contact me anytime when the need arises. 
South Newton Elementary school phone number 828-464-4061
This is my Google web site.
1) Understand simple questions and answer properly in Spanish.
2) Cultural background and costumes to understand people from other countries and grow in a global awareness.
3) Challenge students to solve and work on easy Spanish activities through a Google Classroom.
Your child will have Spanish class once every two week and they can work on Google Classroom Spanish activities from Google Classroom in advance if they prefer.
Spanish - Schedule