orange car


In order to make our Car Rider dismissal safer and more efficient, we will be making a few changes to the process.  We hope to start the new process on Thursday, October 21st.  

The first change is that we will no longer be using the orange car tags with your child(ren)’s names written on them.  We will be providing new yellow car tags that have a number and your child(ren)’s names on them.  These tags must be displayed in the car’s passenger side window during dismissal each day.  We will provide two tags initially, but if you need more, you can request those and they will be provided.

The second change is that folks who do not have a yellow car tag displayed will be asked to park and sign their child out in the office.  This is strictly a safety issue.  We have no way of checking to be sure that someone without a tag who comes through the line to pick up a child has permission to do so without checking their PowerSchool records in the office.  

Even though we usually have most of the same staff members on duty in the afternoon, it is important to keep the guidelines consistent for everyone, in case of different folks helping and also to avoid human error.  We truly believe that this process will help the line move faster and keep our kiddos safer! 

We will pass out the new tags on Tuesday, October 19th and Wednesday, October 20th with the new system starting on Thursday, October 21st.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Moseley or Mrs. Sims.  Thank you for your help!