Newton-Conover City Schools Volunteer Process

Beginning in November 2021, all individuals volunteering in Newton-Conover City Schools will be asked to complete a mandatory criminal background check. Newton-Conover City Schools values its volunteers, while it also wants to ensure that those who work as such in our schools are properly vetted.

Our volunteer background checks run a comprehensive, multi-state check of state and national criminal records as well as sex offender databases. In addition, once an individual has submitted a background check with our district, they are added to our monitoring system which would report any subsequent offenses.

To volunteer with our district is simple. When completing the online background check, you will be asked to pay a $16.45 fee. 

Individuals with financial need who would like to volunteer, but who may have financial difficulties that prevent them from paying this fee, are encouraged to contact the principal of the school or site where they are volunteering and inquire about our Background Check Fee Waiver.

To volunteer with our district, click on the Volunteer Now Link Below, complete the information requested, and submit your fee.